About Us

Dreamer Technologies was born out of necessity. We saw the need for affordable smart home products that would integrate well with the biggest and best platforms in the business. We are talking about the Google’s and Amazon’s of the world. Ever heard of them?

What We Do

Custom Hardware

AutoShades are 100% our own. This isn’t an off-brand shade with trick software. We designed, tested, and built these ourself.

Custom Software

There is no roadmap on how to do this. AutoShades software and firmware was made from scratch. Trial and error and days of testing allowed us to accomplish the feature set we have today.


If we were going to make a smart home product, it needed to integrate with the smart home system you may already have. This gives you a whole host of features and keeps things simple.


We are here for you. We created this product from the ground up. We know it inside and out. It is a representation of us, and we stand behind it.