Getting Started

Step 1

Unpack your AutoShade. If you purchased multiple AutoShades it is best to only work on one shade at a time so you do not mix parts.

Step 2

Remove the mounts and mounting hardware from the packaging. The left hand mount will have no electrical connections showing whatsoever.

Step 3

Install left hand mount on the inside of the window frame.

Step 4

Measure the same distance from the top of the window frame and install the right hand mount.

Step 5

Connect the battery pack to the right shade mount.

Step 6

Screw the driver tube (the smaller metal tube) onto your custom shade tube.

Step 7

Install adhesive backed shade material

Step 8

Place shade roller tube in mounts. Orientation is important. The number with the electrical connector present needs to connect to the right hand mount.

Step 9

Download the AutoShade app! <insert link>