Shade Installation

  1. Lift your prepared shade to install it in the right and left-hand mounts. 
  2. Insert and clip the right-hand side of the shade fully into the right-hand wall mount. This will hold the right side of the shade in place.
  3. Insert and clip the left-hand side of the shade fully into the left-hand wall mount. Note that it is easier to clip the left side with the flat edge of the mounting nub pointing up or down. If needed, the left-hand mounting nub can be adjusted to fit small variations in mounting size. Be aware that if pushed too far the left-hand nub can fall into the tube, but it is easily retrieved and replaced. 
  4. Insert the battery pack into the clip of the right-hand wall mount. You should see a flash of light on the LED to indicate that the shade is turned on and working. 
  5. Your shade is installed in the window and turned on! See the pages for setting up the shade with the pull cord and with wifi. Continue with the next step on the getting started page.