Wifi Setup

  1. While the blue light is blinking, the shade is in wifi setup mode. Open wifi settings and look for a network called AUTOSHADE-XXXX.
  2. Connect to the wifi network and look for the pop-up wifi setup page. If no page pops up, open a web browser, and enter a website name such as “dreamertechnologies.com.” You will be redirected to the wifi setup page.
  3. Enter your wifi information into the wifi setup page. Note that the shade name must be only lowercase letters and underscore characters. The shade name is used as the web page where you can control your shade on your local network.
  4. Submit the form. Note the wifi network and the address where you will be able to control your shade. It will be <your_shade_name>.local/
  5. The shade will restart and attempt to connect to your wifi network. If the shade cannot connect to the network, it will restart and show the blinking blue light, indicating that it is in wifi setup mode.
  6. Connect to your wifi network and visit the page <your_shade_name>.local/ to control your shade.